Saturn: The Cassini Division is a fast-paced, cutting-edge novel that will keep you turning pages even as it raises larger questions about the nature of what it is to be human, and the implications of our never-ending push to find the next advancement in human knowledge.



Joseph W. Hudgens is a graduate of the Honors Program in English at Memphis State University, now known as the University of Memphis. He is retired from United Parcel Service after a thirty-two-year career, which included assignments in Memphis, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and UPS’s Americas Region in Miami, where he had responsibilities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean in both operations and safety. He is fluent in Spanish, also learned during his years at the finest university in more.



Saturn: The Cassini Division (long description):

More than three thousand years in the future, conservative businessman Victor J. Lugo is the owner and CEO of the solar system’s second largest human gene and stem-cell farming company, based in the Saturn rings. Here Lugo creates and grows personalized human body parts to meet the ever-growing demand of the solar system’s population to maintain youth and immortality. Much to his chagrin, Lugo isn’t one of the solar system’s richest one percent yet, but he’s on the verge of his most successful year ever and just about to upgrade his middle-class condo in Saturn’s A Ring for a high-end mansion in the prestigious Cassini Division, when something suddenly goes terribly wrong.

His newest and largest customer, the military, whose contract is going to put him into the elite club of the super rich, suffers a catastrophic loss when three hundred wounded soldiers from their most elite fighting force die in the hospital after a battle, and the evidence for their death points to flawed replacement organs purchased from Lugo’s company, Human Anatomy Replacement Parts, Inc., HARPI.

Saturn: The Cassini Division follows Lugo’s frantic search to discover the source of the soldiers’ demise. Industrial sabotage by his competition is at the top of Lugo’s list of possible sources of the pathogenic bug that is found to have caused the deaths, but Lugo may have brought the trouble on himself with his recent cost-cutting initiatives. New water sources from the Saturn moon Enceladus might have been infected.




Reviews From Readers


“Saturn: The Cassini Division by Joseph W. Hudgens is a sci-fi thriller full of surprises, twists, and turns that will keep you reading to the last page and wanting more.”

“…one of the best sci-fi thrillers I’ve read.”
“[It] immerses readers in a future that truly qualifies as visionary fiction. It’s a compelling mystery that mixes our current hopes and dreams with our fears for the future in a realistic fashion.”

“The only thing that stopped me reading was necessity! This is a wonderful story that I highly recommend to lovers of visionary fiction, science fiction, and action/adventure. Outstanding book!”

Review by Sherri Fulmer



“The world-building was incredibly well-done in Saturn: The Cassini Division by Joseph W. Hudgens.”

“This is a brilliant story, really interesting and entertaining!”

Review by Rabia Tanveer



“…a great read for fans of science fiction, a story with a setting that is very imaginative.”

“Saturn: The Cassini Division by Joseph W. Hudgens is fast-paced and beautifully written.”

Review by Romuald Dzemo



“A conceptually rich science fiction adventure tale that takes elements of thriller and corporate mystery into its complex and rewarding plot-line.”

“…a sophisticated and adult feel to the tale overall.”

“…an intriguing work that shows plenty of sophistication and will be sure to please casual and hard core science fiction readers alike.”

Review by K.C. Finn